This guide is designed to give visitors a closer look at the detailed features of the ceiling mural painted by Christian von Schneidau. Visible from the balcony are 140 smaller circular “cameo” murals featuring individual themes that were chosen by Dr. Amandus Johnson that have Swedish or Swedish-American historical significance. Many of the cameo images represent U.S. states in which Swedish immigrants settled, coats of arms from historically significant regions in Sweden, or people who have contributed to Swedish or Swedish-American history. The cameos are listed in order starting with the center date 1638–1927 as number one and continuing to the left. Each image is listed below. Please feel free to scroll through to explore the topics in further detail.  Simply tap or use your cursor to hover over the image or double click the image to learn more!

This project was completed as part of the MPA program at the University of Delaware, 2019.

Lauren Burnham, Andrea Majewski, Linda Nuoffer, Victoria McHugh, and Megan Murphy

Photographs provided by Hampus Öberg, Marketing Assistant, American Swedish Historical Museum

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